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Delightfully Charmed Signed Hardback

Delightfully Charmed Signed Hardback


Signed Hardback of Delightfully Charmed (book 2 of the Spellbound Favors trilogy)


  • If you want me to address the book to your name or add a specific quote from the book with the autograph, please add your name and/or quote. If neither, leave blank and it will just have my signature.


  • This signed hardback comes with a bookmark, map of the world, Empire cards, why choose sticker, and an author logo sticker.


  • Note: I send out shipments every Wednesday.



One mage’s curse was another mage’s gift.


The worst burden of my immortality was that being alone hurt less than the pain of losing the ones I loved. That changed after five charming mages crashed into my life, and I craved what I never let myself want; a life with them.

Not only did I break their hexes, but I accidentally bound their souls to mine—sharing my curse of immortality with each of them. Even with the guilt of sharing the very thing I deemed a curse, they were more than accepting of both the bond and my curse if it meant we could be together forever.

Navigating a soul bond between six mages was easier than we thought it would be, since all three of the empires outlawed the practice. Ruefully, our bonds weren’t the most pressing issue.

With an evil bone mage on the loose, assassins being sent to kill us, monsters wreaking havoc with the help of a rage potion, and the Revivium Empire trying to rule the world, we had to work together now more than ever.

With so much against us, could we defeat the evil infiltrating our world or would it be too much for even our immortality to handle?

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