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Spellbound Favors Signed Paperbacks Set

Spellbound Favors Signed Paperbacks Set


Signed paperbacks of Spellbound Favors:


Cordially Hexed

Delightfully Charmed

Tenderly Bewitched


  • If you want me to address the book to your name or add a specific quote from the book with the autograph, please add your name and/or quote. If neither, leave blank and it will just have my signature.


  • These signed paperbacks come with a bookmark, map of the world, Empire cards, why choose sticker, and an author logo sticker.


  • Note: I send out shipments every Wednesday.


Hex or curse, it would shatter.

My world spiraled into chaos when I discovered I was nothing more than a puppet dancing on strings pulled by a deranged mage the past four centuries.
Thankfully, I’d formed an unbreakable soul-bond with the five powerful mages I’d fallen for, sharing my immortality with them while they helped keep me grounded.
The Revivium Empire had fallen into the clutches of monstrous forces, headed by the very mage who was the mastermind behind it all. Hexarium had been thrust into an unfathomable war of mages versus monsters; and the monsters were gaining the upper hand.
We have no choice left but to harness our collective magic and unite as one against this evil.
Good versus Evil. Mage versus Monster. Us versus him. The fate of the world is determined by who wins, and only the six of us held the key to that triumph.

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