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The Crimson Demon Signed Paperbacks Set

The Crimson Demon Signed Paperbacks Set


Signed paperbacks of The Crimson Demon Trilogy (3 books)


  • If you want me to address the book to your name or add a specific quote from the book with the autograph, please add your name and/or quote. If neither, leave blank and it will just have my signature.


  • These signed paperbacks come with a bookmark, why choose sticker, and an author logo sticker.


  • Note: I send out shipments every Wednesday.


Death didn't scare me.

It was part of life, and it was something I'd come to expect.

What I didn’t expect was for my impending death to be stalled by being transformed into a vampire.

With sharp, pointy teeth and a hunger for blood, I adapted to my new life.

Befriending three hot vampires with a mission to maintain balance had something to do with it, but the paranormal world was far from perfect.

Especially when I found out that creating new vampires was illegal. Now, I had to prove myself as indispensable to the Order of the Void, or I'd be obliterated from existence.

No one mentioned that being a new-blood came with a looming threat and imminent danger.

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