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Title: Redamancy

Series: Monachopsis, #2

Release Date: Fall 2020

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I thrived on revenge.

My mate crashed into my life when I least expected it, and I did everything I could to protect her—but it wasn’t enough. Her throat was slit in front of me, and my world collapsed. 

I went rogue, determined to get my revenge until a certain captivating witch put me under her spell, uprooting my entire plan.


If there was one thing I hated more than other witches, it was werewolves. 

They were primal, disgusting, murderous creatures responsible for my parent’s death. To add salt to the wound, I turned to my coven in my time of need and they banished me.

I’d been content practicing magic, isolated in my cottage in the woods for years until a certain wounded werewolf broke in, uprooting the quaint life I’d made for myself.

Sneak Peek

Her lavender eyes locked with mine, and the world stopped. She was perfect, with her button nose and plump lips. I let out a low growl and stepped forward. She peddled back away from me with wide eyes. 

We stared at each other for a while before she broke the silence. 

“Do it already.” Her voice trembled. 

The fear laced in her voice slammed into me. She was afraid of me, and at that moment, I didn’t care if she had me under a spell. I didn’t want her to be afraid of me.


Title: Dusk of September


Re-Release Date: September 2020

Available on Amazon or KindleUnlimited

Tragedy. Temptation. Secrets.

Arabella Adkins is trapped in a loveless engagement to cold-hearted CEO, Beckett Clemmons. She fell for a man who didn't exist and found out the hard way. He sucked the life out of her, and now she's living day by day. 

When tragedy strikes at dusk, there's nothing she can do but deal with the aftermath. She's left with a reputation to uphold and a soul-crushing secret. 

Temptation plagues her when Liam Sanders, her fiancé's best friend, offers her a shoulder to lean on when she's the most vulnerable. He's the complete opposite of Beckett. Liam's successful, caring, and perfect in every way imaginable, not to mention their all-consuming desire for each other. 

Can Arabella fight temptation and keep her secret? Or will she bend to that temptation and fight for what she wants?

Sneak Peek

As I stepped inside, the door shut behind me, and a chill shot down my spine. The room was as devoid of beauty as I was of hope. Beckett’s motionless body laid on the hospital bed, surrounded by white. White sheets, white blanket, white walls… White everything. It was not a comforting color; instead, it gave me chills.
He had several machines hooked up to his body while IVs prodded his arms. His skin was black and blue with scrapes everywhere. Coal-black strands of hair were tangled and matted from dried blood and sweat. His once-powerful shoulders seemed frail, his strong demeanor depleted and broken. Seeing the domineering man I resented like this was anything but satisfying. A knife twisted in my gut, cursing me for my ill will against him. 
Beckett’s name left my lips with a cry as I sat on the leather chair next to his bed. I grabbed his left hand, careful not to mess with the IV, and drew soothing circles on his palm. “I’m so sorry. If I hadn’t pressed you about meeting tonight—” I cupped my hand over my mouth to muffle my sob. “I never had the chance to tell you this before, but I forgive you. I know there’s someone else, and that’s okay. We weren’t meant for each other, but I never wanted anything bad to happen to you.”
His heart monitor spiked for a few seconds before settling, and I prayed that he heard me. He was impossible and insolent, but he was still Beckett. He may have won me over at the beginning, but we built our relationship on materialistic desire and lust. The foundation of our relationship was bound to crumble, but this isn’t how it was supposed to end.
As much as I tried to hold it in, the pain tore from my throat in the form of a silent scream. Salty beads of water cascaded down one after another, dripping down my chin and onto the bed without a sign of stopping. I clutched his hand as I pressed my cheek against his palm, and muffled sobs wracked against my chest. 
“Please wake up. I need you to wake up. We all do.”