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Crimson Soul Signed Paperback

Crimson Soul Signed Paperback


Signed paperback of Crimson Kiss (book 3 of The Crimson Demon trilogy)


  • If you want me to address the book to your name or add a specific quote from the book with the autograph, please add your name and/or quote. If neither, leave blank and it will just have my signature.


  • This signed paperback comes with a bookmark, why choose sticker, and an author logo sticker.


  • Note: I send out shipments every Wednesday.


I was destined for a Hell of a lot more than I bargained for.

Being The Crimson Demon entailed immense power, and the longer it took me to figure out exactly what that meant, the more danger I was in.

The enemies I’d faced until now were pawns. With a puppet master pulling the strings, a malicious threat loomed over me, and there was nothing my four supernatural men could do to stop it.

Once my true nature was exposed, I was taken to Heaven and locked away.

I was a weapon stronger than anything in all the realms, but with my magic sealed, I was at the mercy of the angel that ended my life a millennium and a half ago.

What they didn’t realize was that I was no one’s weapon. I was my own being, and I would slaughter anyone standing in between me and the men I loved.

As soon as I gained access to my powers again.

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