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Hi, I'm Lyra! 

Welcome to the realm of complex plots, relatable characters, magical worlds, and 3+ swoon-worthy men that you don't have to choose between!

I'm thrilled you stumbled into my little corner on the web. There's just something about the paranormal side of things when you add some romance and spice that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!

 I'm a twenty-something Kentucky woman who has escaped fully into the book world. When I'm not typing away on my laptop, daydreaming book ideas, or devouring stories, I'm taking care of my three sweet kiddos and loving on my dreamy husband.

Random facts about me: I love 2000s rap music, cleaning with true crime documentaries in the background, drinking Coca-Cola, and relaxing or writing in bubble baths.

Don't be afraid to lose yourself in the escapism of this genre.


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