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The Crimson Demon Omnibus Paperback

The Crimson Demon Omnibus Paperback


Signed paperback of The Crimson Demon Omnibus


  • If you want me to address the book to your name or add a specific quote from the book with the autograph, please add your name and/or quote. If neither, leave blank and it will just have my signature.


  • This signed paperback comes with a bookmark, why choose sticker, and an author logo sticker.


  • Note: I send out shipments every Wednesday.


Death didn’t scare Lilith Whitlock.

At the ripe age of twenty, she preferred to take whatever life threw at her, and if death was a curveball, she’d catch it.

What she didn’t expect was for impending death to be stalled by being transformed into a vampire.

With sharp, pointy teeth and a hunger for blood, Lilith adapted to her new life. Befriending three hot vampires with a mission to maintain balance had something to do with that, but the paranormal world wasn’t perfect.

Especially when she learned creating new vampires was illegal. Now, she had to prove herself as indispensable to the Order of the Void, or she’d be obliterated from existence.

No one mentioned that being a new-blood came with a looming threat and imminent danger.

*This collection includes all three books in The Crimson Demon trilogy. It also includes a bonus content not available for purchase anywhere else!

Crimson Tears
Crimson Kiss
Crimson Soul
Crimson Death

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