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💀 Demon Reform Academy - READ NOW 💀


Welcome to Demon Reform Academy, where demons are sent to hone their powers and become active members of supernatural society.

The Fates had dealt me a twisted hand. After a lifetime of abuse aimed at awakening a power I never even possessed, I devoured my mother's soul. Suddenly, I was face-to-face with a father who was oblivious to my existence and burdened with the knowledge that I was the sixth soul eater in all of Kalista.

My father, a representative on the Demon Council, offered me a chance at a new life. That new life, however, meant enrolling at the dark haven known as Demon Reform Academy.

Being his daughter painted a target on my back, one that invited hostility and intrigue.

Five demons pushed their way into my life, each with a cryptic agenda—to break me or heal me.

A chaos demon created havoc, wanting to make my life miserable.

A shadow demon craved my pain.

A fear demon desired my terror.

A vengeance demon sought to annihilate my tormentors.

And a dream demon summoned me into his dreamscape every night.

I was here to work on myself, but a whirlwind of rumors, dark magic, and a secret society threatened to plunge the academy into deeper turmoil—and me along with it.


*Connected to the world of Kalista & Fate Hollow Academy, but is a new series with new characters*

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